Friday, April 6, 2012

Wasn't Feeling It PT.5

Trying to harness the energy....wasn't really feeling it...but a man has got to "do what he do" I'm trying to put a handle on it! 

Soon there will be harvest for the world like the Isleys; but don't be surprised if these secret gardens are raided...just like the hysteria in Syria....haters will put a vandal on it!

Secrets are revealed by accident like Bobby Petrino...whose trying to be a fly Negro? check the Herman Cain type steelo...some will gamble on it; they're out for a fast buck...they'll make a pile of money off you! 

Some will ramble off at the mouth....snitching; check the style / like Jennifer Lopez on behalf of DeAndre Brackensick ..that honey is going off on you! 

These sonic defenders are trying to get them off you...they roll up like Joey Greco and Cheaters in the big white vans...based on word from we unleash this Sonic Assault!

O-Dizzle has the funky blend for ya; O-Zone will wax poetic about the hell that's being caught! 

.....Telling you what the blizzard will do!! as we deal with the forces of nature! 

Rocking the Phat Farm shirt...Rocafella jeans; fashion police are mad because I'm mix matching!!...they're just a bunch of haters!

During that storm the thought police are mad!! they knock a fella's hustle....they're coming forth with negative energy! 

I wasn't feeling it..but we ring the alarm with the Sonic Assault; there's no way they can stop this entity!

I wasn't feeling it...might even sue some like Keith Olbermann will Current TV...

I wasn't feeling it...but a man has to "do what he do"... whats up man? who'll work with me?


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