Thursday, October 17, 2019

Out On The Edges (Part Nine)

I mentioned chilling in safe havens / safe harbors; the mothership is out there on the edges..

Paid attention even though funds are low, don't start with a bro!! but jokers will, that's what a dude acknowledges!!

Your dude acknowledges this Throwback Thursday, rocking the Fubu 05 hat and the Barry Sanders number 20  throwback jersey..

The mood? melancholy due to the passing of Elijah Cummings; O-Dizzle will keep on funky drumming reflecting that intensity...

O-Zone? the Audacity To Hope like Barack Obama even when caught up in the drama?  even if I have to walk out like Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats due to a Trump meltdown? 

Showing the propensity to cope? a brotha will exhibit that behavior, even though the devil is opposed to you and me!! our response? dropping this good word and beats that bump; y'all should already know how I felt about the sound!!

Underground railroad rider, like I'm riding MARTA here in Atlanta; got off at the Five Points MARTA station where street preachers were dropping knowledge on us...

Underground Atlanta was party central back in the day per the retro- thoughts on this Throwback Thursday; these days? the work will be put in out on the edges..

The anxiety / edge is felt per politicians trying to stay sharp in the debates!! scripted / rehearsed!?  but performance tells the real story!

The anxiety / edge is felt, peeped game, why do we put up with Tulsi Gabbard? heard the gab / word  along with the harps and violins playing,  while some told the sob story!

In a hostile territory? from Dekalb County Georgia per Anthony Hill to Dallas / Fort Worth  and Atatiania Jefferson some are mad at the police!!  patrols circle the block, authorities say it's not over at the opera until the fat lady sings.

Per chilling out there on the edges, is this  brotha is an invisible man like Ralph Ellison? a phantom at the opera/  but  they can't stop a bruh!! check this breakbeat science a brotha brings!

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