Monday, October 14, 2019

Out On The Edges (Part Eight)

Posted up like Adam Schiff confronting Trump in these impeachment inquiries; but every now and then I get tired of those and these so I'm laying in the cut on this Monday Morning / batteries recharging!

I'm not worried about it;  part of the ongoing paradigm shift; per Trump Videos of church massacres others get roasted like they're up on Comedy Central; others talked about it / authorities knew about it  / soon charging.

....them and those with high crimes and misdemeanors; meanwhile my constituents mention no justice no peace cuz!! it's like the Kurds / ISIS and others at the  Turkey / Syria border things are out of order!! amen!! church!! that's what the deacon said,  for a brotha its dangerous times!! naysayers knock these rhymes heard asking, what's your point son? 

While out on the edges?  I heard bells, whistles and chimes executed by a jive turkey supposedly saying all the right words,  now check the crisis; but  I heard some are impressed!! soon they'll anoint them.

Next thing you know? they're running things!! some are impressed!!  but revelations / culminations from the Hunter's Full Moon In Aries will soon disappoint them!

We're out on the edges doing our own thing  still hunting and gathering while some are stressed; that's what it do when you refuse to beat them and join them! 

We're out on the edges doing our own thing  while it's on them to decide between Columbus Day or Indigenous People's Day..

We're out on the edges doing our own thing like Teddy Bridgewater of the New Orleans Saints calling a play..

We're out on the edges doing our own thing!! didn't burn the bridge over troubled waters!!  per Music Monday? the Aretha Franklin version!! excuse us for being out here swerving, making adjustments to routines /  rites and  / rituals.

Things can go either way like my Terrible / Terrific Tuesday concept,  hectic or majestic!!  so what it do /  what it does?

We'll continue to play our position, like Lamar Jackson another Louisville representative;  we kept  playing / dipping!! representing like the Louisville Cardinals against Wake Forest..

We'll continue to play our position, all up in the action but we're out on the edges!! unlike Rudy Giuliani representing Donald Trump we're not acting fake out here in the forest

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