Thursday, October 10, 2019

Out On The Edges (Part Seven)

You'll have to excuse us, but even on this Throwback Thursday or Thankful Thursday we're out on the edges..

You just might lose us with the flashy business we're still hungry / thirsty plus some won't work with me while I'm out on the edges!! 

You just might lose us like us like Trump lost the Kurds, influenced by Putin's words?  more than a slight push? 

We're out here on the edges but we  proceed and continue!! moving forward but we focus on the basics;  excuse us but the surroundings aren't plush!

Excuse us but we're not Dr. Dre / Snoop and Akon;  not focused on the kush and the drank!! especially the purple wont work with one that's trying to visualize the sequence!

Some are waiting in the dark; like Jimi Hendrix in a Purple Haze; who's in another phase? knowing what the deal is!

Who's knowing what the real is? even though we're out on the edges we didn't pump brakes like Bendix; like Trump throwing Pence, Barr and Pompeo under that rolling bus?  the train is still rolling! ..

....It didn't just leave the station, its been gone!!  once again it's on!!  the train of thought is rolling!

Even though we're out on the edges the pain is ongoing!! nobody was immune to it, even if they took Tylenol or Aleve!

Even though we're out on the edges we keep going for what were knowing..these brothas are trying to achieve!!

Even though we're out on the edges we're trying to believe that better days are coming!!

Whatcha know? knowledge is dropped and of course the funky drummer kept drumming!!

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