Thursday, October 3, 2019

Out On The Edges (Part Three)

We're out on the edges / outside the box; excuse us for being out here on the fringe but with no benefits..

Doing the knowledge like GM workers on strike;  bearing witness to what the shady work does; we're far from dimwits..

Out here on the edges following the Digital Underground philosophy "doowutyalike"; cruising down I-20 in Atlanta; per Throwback Thursday? next up could be  John Coltrane's Love Supreme.

Out on the edges, reflecting per this Throwback Thursday; once rolling in the old school Toyota Camry or Honda Accord  like Asian, Hispanic and Somali immigrants in Clarkston, Chamblee or Doraville Georgia;  trying to avoid Trump's stormtroopers aka ICE agents per his immigration policy; my constituents  understand me / they know what  I mean!!

Out on the edges, observing the scene / rolling through the stream of consciousness;  soon laying in the cut after working my way back to the Ponderosa..

Staying clear headed..not fooling around with the corrupt..they'll have you juiced up!! peeping game / loosened up, you know the devil will oppose ya!!

Word from the old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville / Newburg before I emerged down here in Atlanta; another Throwback Thursday reference..

Paying homage to the saga / struggle that continues, God has been good!! check me out if you need a reference..

Out here on the edges where there's no benevolence!! some find out there's no justice no peace as the drama can jump off anywhere; damn!! check the  stabbings at a Paris police station!!

Out here on the edges where the devil is in the details like this Trump Impeachment concerning Ukraine; damn!! that train has left the station!!

Doing the knowledge is mandatory, reaching for it, but what's the response? jokers try to maintain!!  dipping down these Atlanta streets like Uber, Lyft and drivers for Amazon!! they  mentioned trying to get paid in full!! meanwhile I'm  out here on the edges  laying in the cut, thinking of a master plan!!  borrowing a line from Eric B and Rakim and them.

Told ya earlier, not playing around with the corrupt !!  trying to stay on the one with the Master's plan!! the saga / struggle continues but O-Dizzle continues to put it down..he's rocking them! 

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