Monday, October 7, 2019

Out On The Edges (Part Four)

We're still out here on the edges / outside the box; especially after we were thrown under the bus like Trump did  the Kurds over in Syria..

...or maybe like Trump throwing Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo under the bus concerning  Ukraine!! we're still out here on the edges / outside the box but we'll still maintain!!  these brotha will rock!! beats bump plus these good words confront the mass hysteria..

Hustles? check the circumstance!! per Trump vs Mitt Romney's pompous ass somebody is always knocking them!! meanwhile these brothas will keep on rocking them, I told them to back up and give me five feet!

Whats the deal? these folks are ill!! Monday morning? my constituents are out on these highways due to "getting over the hump" maneuvers  but opposed by others trying to move us; in other places the Matrix Architect is talking about alt shift delete!

...from the so called corridors of power to the streets; who keeps it real? per Music Monday? it's like John Legend and the Roots.. compared to what?

Or maybe the Les McCann and Eddie Harris version, whichever one is working, but who's hurting? now crossing borders at the last hour like the GOP concerning impeachment?  meanwhile were dipping through out on I-20 with tires screeching after being out on the edges / after laying in the cut.

So whats up?  it was Friday when I started to write this, so like high school days?  I'm rocking my football jersey!

Barry Sanders number 20!! don't lie to me!! like old school Detroit Lions, said you were blocking!! I had to step away, found out you won't work with me!

Barely understanding us from Grand Avenue up in Detroit to Candler Road in Decatur a hater played us like we were unworthy..

Barely understanding us, now grandstanding like China cutting ties with the Houston Rockets because of Hong Kong Protests; found out you won't work with me!

The mothership was landing us in hostile territory, but we knew what the score would be per being out here on the edges..

A brotha gets breakbeat scientific when telling the story; they key to survival? doing the knowledge is!!

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