Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Out On The Edges (Part Two)

We're out here on the edges, like we're in Conyers, Norcoss or Marietta  in the Atlanta metro area..

Big ups to my people in East Point and College Park, we come across dropping knowledge like this is college; park the vehicle

Out on the edges but know the ledge like  Eric B and Rakim per Juice; reality tried to bruise!! called on the Lord but the TV commercial mentioned one call that's all was needed  to the attorney Ken Nugent;  now paid off due to the litigation? 

Out on the edges but serving poetic justice like Tupac Shakur and Janet Jackson all up in the action,  like Mike Pompeo on the call with Trump and Ukraine officials? naw!! no shady business!!  at the moment per this HumpDay Extravaganza were chilling, soon out there  catching Libra sun rays!! peeped game, another wasn't prudent when they ran their bootleg operation..

They didn't meet their obligation!  so whatcha facing? haters knocking the hustle, acting brand new with it!!  Trump said it's alright but they're holding nukes like North Korea.

John Bolton said "that ain't right" sounding like John Lee Hooker on the St Germain Sure Thing joint; meanwhile, since we aren't the one they'll anoint  authorities were clocking the territory with GPS / bar codes / satellites and security cameras; damn!!  just check the scenario!

 Usain Bolt type quickness needed, Tavares said it only takes a minute to fall in love, but  Jimmy Ruffin asked what becomes of the broken hearted now that love has departed? macks / divas / politicians and military planners say nothing is fair in love or war!

Whats up man?  now what's the plan? others join me out on the edges after  hitting their head on the ceiling / after jumping the bar!

Whats up man? now what's the plan? some will spoil it like outdated buttermilk!! they don't have to tell us, scars are present!  plus its written on their face. the joint from Gerald Levert and the Rude Boy's, so what's the attitude girls and boys? out there on the edges?  welcome!! I know / I know; some things don't work when running this race!

How did we work it? damn!! is it rude that these toys turned into weapons used in spiritual warfare? 

That's how it works out on the edges but per this HumpDay Extravaganza check out the steady bombardment...HP and Yamaha Keyboards and Roland drums are we go there!!

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