Saturday, March 31, 2012

Peeping Game...It Ain't Nothing Nice...

It wasn't Midnight at The Oasis...keeping it real..we couldn't fake this... we didn't have time for a siesta! 

....Just trying to get our mind right; check the attention paid to Herman Cain types....we ignored the court jester. 

Ignored Uncle Fester; his mind was blown...he was up in Louisville smoking weed and drinking brown liquor!

Hopping around like Festus Hagan from Gunsmoke; plus that heroin had him!!  it made him sicker!

O-Dizzle is dropping the sound; as we get we get with ya....check the word from this hot messenger...this hot mess won't get the best of us; as we figure the cipher out!

Dropping it down a thousand while the jury of our peers is deliberating; will Louisville beat Kentucky? they didn't..they didn't have enough firepower....meanwhile we fight until the final hour..they didn't know....we might just go all out! 

Without a doubt;  " it ain't nothing nice" ...I kept it revolutionary like Brotha Abdullah! 

Without a doubt; "it ain't nothing nice" word from this futuristic mystic; but able to recognize the old schooler!

Listening to some old Dougie Fresh and Rick the Ruler; next up is the Tribe Called Quest. 
O-Dizzle didn't Dougie or beef it up...hes coming out fresh with a brand new batch; representing the tribe that's on a quest! 

Per Trayvon Martin....brothas are an endangered species..some are caught up in the system / matrix....what are they starting? full metal jacket or bullet proof vest needed due to the chain of events? 

A fool meddling in the racket disrupts the food chain; like bloggers shut down in China ...its one who circumvents! 

Word from a brotha shut down by Blogster...who was wiki-leaking? ...snitched on a a fool is in pain after serving stints behind bars!

Meanwhile we school some...streaking across the universe in the Mothership is the business; the hooptie is out past Mars!

A brotha gets scientific; behind the scars is beauty...behind the beauty was a lot of scars in need of healing! 

As we kick it!! some need to take EPMD's advice; they need to be chilling!

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