Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Return Of The Hot Messenger (Once Again)

They said I was a hot mess; just call me a hot messenger!

The temperature is hot; its like wrestling with a bear...whose stressed out like Dennis Rodman? don't let them get the best of ya!

I even felt the pressure; plus the rest of ya felt it too!! but some fronted like they didn't!

Is this like the Jet Blue pilot restrained by passengers? another hot mess for ya when we came forth? we didn't stop or quit it! 

Plus we didn't forget it!! pain and anguish felt concerning that Trayvon Martin situation.. this hot messenger tells you about history repeating! 

Jokers thought they were eating real beef but it was just pink slime; entities were self defeating! 

Like Ben Bernanke said...."It ain't nothing nice" ...its not a sweet thing!!! its more like sour! 

Were paying the price; now bringing this hot message to you; just in time...as we approach the last hour!

Have we seen the last of the fire shower as the CIA Drone War declines in Pakistan?  

Please!! the North Korea rocket launch is on the horizon..plus its not surprising...gunfire is heard over in Decatur Georgia...from Candler Rd to Glenwood Rd...its rough out here for a black man!!

But we're back man....the shot clock hasn't expired...we've been hood!!...plus we have another hot message for ya...

Once again its on..were back man..we have another hot message for ya...

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