Sunday, March 25, 2012

We Thought We Had Something PT.4.....Still Tripping...

I guess its like Syracuse...we thought we were bad mother...hush your mouth!!  we thought we had something; but now the structure falls apart!

Like the word concerning the Trayvon Martin case...whats the news? shadetree mechanics roll up like Rick Santorum...running off at the mouth; they said they could fix it!! but a corrupt one doesn't have a heart!

Like North Korea ....why were they even starting? a corrupt one plays a part in the ongoing chaos and confusion!

We thought we had something;  but like Vinny Del Negro and the LA Clippers...whose really winning or losing? 

I had to tell a Negro to check the assignments concerning Missions Impossible that were choosing...following the Space Ghost Protocol... we've got that power like Snap!

Alignments and conjunctions like the Grand Earth Trine will knock some off balance; now their caught up in the system/ matrix; caught up in a trap! 

....They thought they had something but malice was shown when planets were retrograde!

Now like requests for Facebook passwords they're subject to the authority; caught up in the charade!

Jokers were fronting like Bats Global Market....they said they stay paid!! plus they were power brokers! 

They thought they had something; but wannabe mafioso roll up with Louisville Sluggers / bats swinging on them...they got played by some other foul jokers!

In Atlanta fronting at Magic City or Strokers...they kept it pimping player...encouraged by fellow ATLiens..

They thought they had something...but it was they get rounded up like refugees and illegal aliens...

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