Friday, March 16, 2012

I Wasn't Feeling It PT 4

.....feeling like Karzai over in Afghanistan about how things are going on around me...I didn't like how it was going down; I wasn't feeling that energy!

A fanatic said it was kinetic like the aurora borealis...said I needed to get in sync with the synergy! 

Whats the deal with me? like Albert Einstein I'm using this brain that the Lord blessed me with! 

Going for mine...but dealing with glitches in the snitches that fake it...whose being real? dude was even  pimping like Herman Cain;  but never confessed to it! 

Whose being real? they're rude..snitching like its a simple thing..meanwhile we're wishing it was a simple thing...others were stressed by it like the cat that made the Joseph Kony video...after it all became complex! 

Meanwhile crooks were ditching the weapons and stolen vehicles after the caper...things were over in Decatur on Glenwood Rd  at the apartment complex!

Hooklines and his own beats are put down when O-Dizzle comes with the next; please!! he's been hood!! who started it? now they're bitching and moaning! 

Life is a bitch on a period!! check this thing..what are you on? as we do the damn thing! 

Damn this thing is off the chain!! like ipad can switch from good to bad in a minute! 

Some get off on the pain..they're just punishment gluttons...but like Duke or maybe Michigan...they tried to tell me they're in it to win it!

....Going off on tangents...caught out there in the reign; but I'm not feeling that energy! ..

Were going off on them!! haters damned it if we did or didn't; but they're ignored..I wasn't feeling that energy!

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