Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Shining Lights

Were shining lights into the dark room; like a security guard..was it like old Otis on Martin?

Were shining lights like an x-class solar we go there..some were spotted waiting in the dark...about to blackout; halt!! who goes there? what were they starting? 

Plutonian and Martian Chronicles let me know what it do in another realm; but now I'm back down to earth...dealing with these earthlings!

Shining lights like a solar plasma!! whatcha know? the prophetess asked a did you work things? 

Told them its like this and like that...meanwhile the blinding lights got the best of some; they were Hollywood Swinging!!

Mentioned by Kool and The Gang..what a coincidence!! we're representing the hood..the street..check the type of funk were bringing! 

....Paid attention; spotted Republican Super Tuesday candidates;  lights were shining on them!! but things weren't cool; they were Strange like Cameo said about home girl and I didn't like it! 

Theres a strange energy or vibe floating around; I'm doing all I can to fight it! 

..As I light it; the torch!! its like the start of the Olympics..let the games began! 

Were going in!! check how we spark this!! O-Zone is rocking the hardhat with the lantern on top like were mining! 

Were shining lights into the darkness; realizing theres no justice or peace! 

That's how it is in Babylon....all up in the spot!! all up in this piece!

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