Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Were All Up In The Spot; But Its All Messed Up!!

We're all up in the spot....damn!!! its all messed up!! they had my peeps coming and going! 

Damn!! my folk were stressed up in this piece; no justice or peace was how everything was flowing! 

My hand? I'm not showing to these Cheaters per Joey Greco!

They even had help from Khloe Kardashian....next thing you know those big white vans will roll up; now somebody is ready to start acting ghetto!

Whose acting like they know me? but they don't even know the half!! actually not a fraction...actually they should let it go!

What were they trying to show me; loyalty or trust? even though I didn't trust them from the get go!

Like Lil John and the Eastside Boyz mentioned; some will need to get low after the next level dramatics occur! 

You know they're coming; everything is messed up out here in the gray area where the lines blur!

Based on what occurred one will concur..its all messed up! like the State of Texas advising against spring break trips to Mexico..

The lines blurred in the Smoke and Mirrors..out in the gray area...some waited in the dark....they stayed...they didn't want to go....

I knew from the get go these peeps wouldn't act right!!...they're were like politicians trying to impress voters for Super Tuesday...

Whatcha know? please!! its all messed up!! a joker was even like that hacker working for the FBI..he tried to act like he knew me... 

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