Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mechanical Engineering / Industrial Strength (Random Thoughts Edition)

Mechanical Engineering is still ongoing; check out these products that are industrial strength! 

Loathing and fearing due to social engineering is eradicated; not dealing with dimwits down in Florida like Trayvon Martin had to..O-Dizzle conducts his self in orderly fashion...I don't stop; even though I had to sacrifice..but will still go the length!

Approaching that point..success is imminent;  others ask whats the deal with it? might have to etch a sketch it...check the breakbeat science dropped! 

Coaching!! after being caught up in the on point after acquiring the veteran status..coming with this good word; plus the  jazz, funk, and hip hop are dropped!

Haters were encroaching.. the beast has to eat!! as I bear witness to eyes bulging and the salivation!

Haters were poaching on our territory..the safe haven safe harbor; are we dealing with the Terminator Salvation? 

All up in the spot dealing with a hater that brought the foul situation; they're doing Babylon's bidding!

All up in the spot!! somewhat like a danger zone...whose wearing a black hoodie while being young and black?   history is repeating! 

Whose defeating the purpose? cocaine problem and a bad heart like Whitney Houston? what or who are you using?.. a friend or stranger like Ronnie Laws?

Mechanical engineering / industrial strength type products are used..but these haters still accent the imperfections and flaws...

Steering the mothership to a safe haven / safe harbor...but  down here in Dekalb County Georgia John Law is setting up roadblocks and obstacles...

Some are fearing; as a brotha gets scientific with it..some say I'm misbehaving..its just hatred they harbor...hustles? the system knocks...but we proceed and continue to rock these and those...

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