Sunday, March 18, 2012

The State Of Emergency

The arch nemesis is on the premises...moves were made...but doors and windows of opportunity were locked..whats really going on? this is an emergency! 

Check the mass hysteria like Syria..the thought and fashion police try to monitor situations; who will work with me?

Its going down!!! we're all up in the the fashionistas get rounded up; who heard me when I told them I was dedicated to the truth? 

This is not the Final Fantasy; but some act like they can't understand me as I provide proof!

Is Louisville headed to the Final Four...understand me?  O-Dizzle will raise the roof; while O-Zone brings the math that enlightens! 

Now these jokers are mad at a brotha; will I feel the Wrath Of The Titans?

Feeling the Cosmic Karma because I tried to warn ya about these charlatans?

Cosmic slopping!! after chilling with Plutonians and Martians...rocking the shield and armor during this ongoing spiritual warfare; why did they start with this man? 

O-Dizzle is rocking this; its an Space X a brotha is  preparing vehicles...we're going in! 

Rocking the hardhat with the lantern on top...we don't stop..we keep it moving... I wasn't waiting in the dark whatcha knowing?

Even though we had a warm winter this world is cold; just check the weather / vibe / morale....I'm trying to ride the storm out! 

Exercising my veteran status during this state of emergency..who'll work with me? I'm now coaching with new and improved strategies; the old ones have worn out!

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