Saturday, March 24, 2012

The I-20 Chronicles....Scattered Thoughts Selected At Random...

Scattered thoughts are collected like credit card companies or even Bank of America trying to collect debt! 

Let the healing process begin!! a bruh is bruised and battered from ongoing battles in spiritual warfare with the system; they're mad at me!! I didn't connect with it! 

Used and abused when I was caught up in the system...jokers in Florida mentioned standing their I'm staying on point in this piece!!..understanding how they get down...meanwhile these gamblers out for a fast buck act like they're in Monte Carlo!

...Meanwhile I Getaway like Earth Wind and Fire I cruised down MLK Blvd in Atlanta...all up in the Monte Carlo!

...Until jokers stole it...they found it on fire over on Constitution Ave!!
How did the system play?  word from MLK!! waiting for rights and privileges under the Constitution? word from Trayvon Martin; things will unravel you!

Knowing how they'll play!! soaking up game...that's what cruising or traveling down Broadway in Louisville will do!

Contemplating and reflecting on things while cruising from Shelby St to Shawnee Park and back  over to Muhammad Ali Blvd; listening to up was Stanley Turrentine; all over the place with the music..that's what it do! 

Winning games like Louisville Cardinals; even though its not easy or pretty! 

That's how life is!! " it ain't nothing nice" ...its all game..somebody just might feel me! 

No standardized test is needed...the real will be revealed when these scattered thoughts are collected! 

Whats the deal? I chilled for a minute..but now Sonic Assaults are unleashed on those who disrespected!

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