Thursday, March 8, 2012

Just Chilling For A Minute

A bruh a is chilling for a minute; down here in the ATL.. I even took a ride in the hooptie...out on I-20....I went for an outing! 

Reflecting on previous episodes...there's something about riding down Broadway or Muhammad Ali up in's real..there's spiritual significance...once chilling in the juke joint or hole in the wall club in the California area; Isley Brothers were playing; jokers were twisting and shouting! 

Reflecting on previous episodes...Pops took me in those places when I was just six years old!! made a difference on how my persona would unfold...these days? I'm going all out with this thing!! California love / dreaming like Dr Dre and Tupac! 

Once rolling out on Highway 101 out in The Bay Area..but check the ongoing scenario..spiritual warfare is going down!! jokers with improvised explosive devices were  caused fragging!!! but O-Dizzle is still swagging; please believe me..a bruh will rock!

Corporations were fracking; what were some lacking? please!! ecological ignorance will alter the fate; check your environment! 

Corporations were stacking prisoners..part of the prison industrial complex..the so called justice system justice no will the last hour get?

Like Vladimir Putin's opponents were told...abort operations!!! others that were slacking were also told; some said the game was meant to be sold...word from Sabu the hacker? I heard some took a check for the empowerment! 

Evil is the opponent..whose up on it? or will they get caught up..caught out there like in a solar will the last hour get?

That last hour is gonna get ugly!! do we need to check Flavor Flav's clock?

....Or maybe The Time with Morris Day and Jerome; I'm chilling for a minute at home...but soon I'll be ready to roll; ready to rock! 

Whats the deal with it? you know some are ready to knock the hustle....that's what they do! 

But God's will is done; that's why I'm gonna chill for a minute; and let it do what it do!

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