Wednesday, March 28, 2012

All Up In The Spot....The Humpday Edition...

Were all up in the spot trying to get in where we fit in; but like the Supreme Court scrutinizing the health care law.....we couldn't be at ease! 

Situations get hot; whose on your team...Peyton Manning?  it'll take more than him to win...were monitored by the thought and fashion police! 

No justice no peace per the Trayvon Martin case is the cliche that comes to mind! 

Wheres the beef? old girl from the Wendy's commercial asked; the meat was just pink slime!

Wheres the relief? let the healing process begin.... check out this elixir....this good word and the funky sound; drink mine for nourishment!

Wheres the belief?  the positive one..that were gonna make it!! my peeps need encouragement!

Supreme Courage and maximum strength is the antidote as the beat and quote work in tandem! 

Stream of consciousness travels were intergalactic all out beyond Pluto and I spotted other "super earths" in the galaxies; this enabled me to select these thoughts at random! 

The mothership has landed back on earth...but I was once streaming live in the deuce and a quarter with reckless abandon in Louisville and Cincinnati! 

A high scorer like Kobe against Golden State; authorities were double and triple teaming..trying to holla at me!

Its easy to get caught up in the system..Illuminati even threw a dollar at me; like I would go along with the program! 

Whats up with me? while were all up in the spot... O-Dizzle will drop the funk he didn't play a slow jam!

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