Thursday, March 29, 2012

Feeling The Backlash

Whats the deal? I already knew what it do...jokers will flip out like the Jet Blue pilot...but I was expecting the backlash!

But this brotha is unbought and unbossed like Hosea Williams I gave back the cash! 

The Sonic Assault goes down!! based on weapons held in the stash; beats and rhymes? I has plenty! 

Hell was caught as some were like the Supreme Court concerning the health care law...too busy discussing the basics instead of laying it down!! now they ask; what's the deally?

Things are obvious!! they should know what the deal is; you don't need Asics or Adidas on when the apparatus runs you in circles! 

As we rock this!!! please!! this soul food provides nourishment for those wondering how we work it; or how we work those! 

....Or these....please!! the mothership has landed back on earth..but we weren't wandering around Babylon aimlessly! 

...Couldn't be at ease; please!! its seems like the Final Four in New Orleans; all up in the game is not where the shame will be! 

Please!! some will feel the backlash...their name will be mud!

Once winning like Charlie Sheen or maybe Syracuse at the Carrier Dome; now feeling the backlash..a carrier pigeon had the knockout message; oops upside the head!! I heard the thud!

Whose winning a war firing played out scud missiles..soon feeling the backlash...The Wrath of The Titans?

As we heal the scar...let the healing process we drop this math that enlightens...

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