Sunday, March 4, 2012

We Thought We Had Something PT.3

Damn!!! we thought we had something!!! but its like Newt Gingrich;  I can see time was wasted!

Like the Italian shipwreck captain some didn't have his glasses on...they couldn't see...but I recognize the pattern...I even tried to save it to the database; but by accident I erased it! 

Now I get techno with it; I cut and paste it!! then I put it down like this! 

That other thing? I had to let it go!! it was a Love TKO like Teddy I noticed a snake in the grass will put it down like that and like this!

As we continue to fight this spiritual warfare; sonic weapons are stashed in the arsenal! 

Act like you knew!! we already did!! noticed nothing fair in love or I noticed they were booed up earlier; now they tried to start it with a bruh!

....Soon they'll get booed up in this piece!! I could here the Bronx cheer!

They'll slow down like Jeremy Lin!! damn!! Lebron and D Wade must be near! 

No they didn't go there!! some posted back up like Vladimir Putin; plus I see some are I know what the deal is! 

We thought we had something!! the truth? were not disputing..but now I see I have to love some from a distance! 

Bearing witness to a debatable circumstance like in Iran; were we being built or torn down? 

Actually...we thought we had something;  but like Israel vs Iran..I don't like the way its going down!

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