Friday, March 30, 2012

Dipping Through...Acting Like I Knew...(Part Two)

So whats the deal? the game was over...but those haters tried to run up the score!

Its real!! whats that?  the word on the curb about global warming per Al Gore! 

Haters bring the drama to your front door like a special delivery; mail bombs from Yemen?

Spotted another acting foul when they came through with the daughter of chaos;  big homie was pimping like Herman Cain; said he will share his semen! 

Checked out the offspring; these folks are tripping!! this brotha reacted another way!

Dipping through..acting like I knew!! going off in this thing!! a veteran now coaching..I didn't just get here the other day!

Ignored what another had to say; I even caught them ripping pages out of my swag / steelo book! 

But points are scored; wasn't skipping pages or steps during the process...but haters stressed; they said dag!! that Negro is a crook! 

The fashion police didn't like the look;  plus the thought police at Blogster didn't like thoughts that were expressed. 

...Just because we tried to get free and stay free; refusing to be stressed. 

Actually....we can't be at ease; some can tell us what being thrown under the bus is like! 

Can't be at ease...were on guard 24-7; like Kid Cudi its day and night! 

The lease has expired so whats up with me? dipping through..I had to find a new place! 

I knew the situation was critical; I spotted the enemy flying in a my air space!

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