Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Recovery Mode

The gap between the haves and have nots remains...due to ongoing glitches in the matrix I'm in recovery mode!

Whats happening Captain? please!! I'm trying to re-establish my database...but still caught up in the rat race; still in discovery mode! 

A brotha will be following Mr Cole's advise; he said its a rat race; dog eat dog world!

A brotha rolls through Babylon; paying the price!! but it "ain't nothing nice".....I stay in conflict with this world! 

Survival is difficult if not impossible for some; the drama will unfurl from Louisville to Kabul!

Even in Kandahar its going down ...let the healing process begin..whose trying to heal the scar? from the ATL to Libya; whats the deal with ya? whose still acting a fool? 

Who knows what goes on in the hood? can John Carter help? please!!  the rule wasn't golden! 

They'll shut the town down like whats good?  is it beauty your really beholding?

So whats up? its cold the way reality brings the drama; now were in recovery!

So whats up? we rolled up on success while we were in the zone of discovery!

Now a brotha will be holding it down..but wishing it was simple....its a rough job but somebody has to do it...

Whats up with another? folding down the tent...throwing their cards in..they didn't act like they knew it...

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