Friday, March 9, 2012

Just Chilling For A Minute...PT.2

Whats the deal with it? please!! I'm like Peyton Manning...after being released...I needed time to ease my troubled mind! 

Chilling for a minute; but whose understanding?  usually rolling local or international; whats up with it? I was even intergalactic...out there like the solar storm...but I wasn't on Cloud Nine!

Like the Temptations talked about; down here in the ATL as wannabe macks and divas plus junkies stalked about...geeked up!

Yield not to Temptation..for yielding is sin was the line from the gospel song; so whatcha on? in this danger zone either the winning or losing streak is up! 

This thing can go either way!! like the Republican primary....we just have to recognize the pattern! 

Its going down from Johannesburg to Louisville /Newburg; to Charlotte / Mecklenburg; on out to Pluto and Saturn!

Its going down....they'll let you go like Bruce Weber from Illinois; contracts are null and void...whose mad because we didn't merge with the apparatus? now they're bruising and battering our aura! 

We thought we had something; but safe harbors and safe havens get bum rushed!! haters introduced the horror and terror! 

Nothing was fair in love or war; its like Syria..jokers want to see us boxed in! 

We chilled for a minute; regrouped...soon we'll be  ready to rock them!

Knowing what the deal is with it...hustles? the system will knock them...I think I might have told ya...

We chilled for a minute...resting physical and mental muscle..soon I'll be at the service desk returning bogus merchandise that was sold ya....

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