Saturday, March 10, 2012

The I-20 Chronicles....The Saga / Struggle Continues....It Don't Stop..

The saga struggle continues....still rolling down I-20..these Chronicles are usually at the Sonic I was going to make this my blogster edition!

But a brotha was kicked to the curb because my appetite wasn't curbed for being dedicated the truth...I wasn't disputing it;...based on being in soul's kitchen; breakbeat science is on these menus!! based on a preacher, scholar, and mobster condition! 

Mobs were like those in Russia protesting against Putin; they sign the petition; they're waiting on the healing process to begin! 

The healing of the spirit is not complete!! its like Syria...check the mass we battle with the thought and fashion police; once again! 

Whats the deal with it? they're just a bunch of clones and avatars doing the system's bidding! 

Please!! I've got a bunch of battle scars like chilling at Gitmo with Taliban prisoners waterboarding...just trying to prevent history from repeating!

Let the healing process begin!! but I knew from the get go that defeating the purpose is the devil's mission! 

But were not through dealing; even though we were chilling for a minute... bear witness as we take this to another level; once again! 

Once again its on!! jokers were swagger jacking like Peyton Manning in Denver throwing salt in Tebow's I heard some talking about beefing it up! 

Broken beats and English were in our arsenal; haters? were stalking them with the Sonic Assault; like Drake vs Common...soon the beef is up! 

From the streets of Atlanta to the mountains of Afghanistan; the fake think they're running this thing!!..but relief is up to the beholder of beauty!

Rolling down I-20 reflecting...contemplating..we don't stop...we keep it the saga struggle continues; the street code is maintained; act like you knew me!

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