Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's Disturbing

The episode goes down...its crazy...just like the US soldier that killed the civilians in Afghanistan...what goes on? the outcome is disturbing! 

The mode is now discrete; even though a brotha was mad like Hamid Karzai..I had to regroup; my appetite? I'm curbing! 

I heard what was said...jokers sounded like Romney or Santorum; a Gus or Herb will bring the drama..on Blogster they even accused O-Zone of spamming! 

I had to laugh at that!! haters will get kicked to the curb; please!! The Brotha O-Dizzle is going all out in this danger zone; he's jamming! 

I had the math for that....but whose understanding? I'm observing the scene; soon I'll be ready to roll...I'm on my way! 

The mothership is soon landing on earth; the aurora borealis didn't blind me...but its a disturbing scene..I'm seeing how these earthlings play!

A brotha gets scientific like a see through solar window..that's how I work these things; but I can see its all messed up! 
As I kick it ..I'm out of order with the fashion; Charlotte Hornets Starter hat...Phat Farm button down with jeans; they said I looked tacky..messed up!

But a bruh is blessed up in this piece!! plus I govern myself accordingly; so to some its disturbing!

Both A-Town players and Rush Limbaugh types are mad at me because I'm not in the rat race; my appetite I was curbing!

Following Mr. Cole's advice; he said this world was a dog eat dog rat race! 

A brothas rolls like he knows these scenes are disturbing; I try to keep my name out of the database! 

But I am a brotha that's on the case; the work put in is blue collar style!

Industrial Strength!! rocking the hardhat with the lantern on top; going in!! but finding out things are disturbing..the situation is foul!

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