Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Could Show Them Better Than I Could Tell Them

Breakbeat scientific business is conducted...I had this good word for them; but they didn't hear me though!

Gimme a break!! whats the business? some thought I was corrupt with it like George Zimmerman shooting Trayvon Martin; whatcha starting? ...at the end of the day these folk wanna know whatcha know!

I could show them better than I could tell them; its oops upside the head like the Gap Band!

Whats up with it? if they don't know now they know; that's whatsup man! 

Intergalactic journeys were taken...we didn't practice like NASA and the mock Mars Mission...but now I'm stranded here on earth!

Plus journeys were taken from Atlanta to Louisville...now rocking the Louisville Cardinal t-shirt....ATLiens thought the Cardinal looked like an Angry Bird...you heard? I was played like a fanatic when I tried to tell them what it do...what its all worth! 

So now whats the deal? I guess I can show them better than I can tell them; so intergalactic funk is dropped!

So now whats the deal? they should know what it do!! the brotha O-Dizzle cosmic slopped! 

Like Tiger Woods is wondering..will the cosmic karma harm ya?  naw!! soon the madness is stopped; then we move on to the next! 

Damn!! its tight in these hoods...were wishing it was simple; but things in this world are complex!

As we move on to the next...we knew we could show them better than we could tell them...

As we move on to the next...there's no where to run or hide; their coping strategies will fail them...

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