Monday, March 12, 2012

Getting Back In Sync; The Random Thoughts Edition

Check these random thoughts; I'm trying to get back in timing is way off! 

Check out this random thoughts edition...Blogster denied permission; check this one...we reached that point of no return; was it the brink of disaster? life is hectic!! but I try to play it off! 

Whose distracted by chefs in Hells kitchen that had the recipe for disaster? I even felt the pressure...I strayed off the path; then went off my diet!

It wasn't the Special K one;  meanwhile I interacted with referees, umpires, and officials that were crooked; fouls were called..they lied about it! 

What can I say to one? crooked fools cried about it; after talking junk like Rush Limbaugh..whats up y'all..some even supported Joseph Kony; others snitch to the thought and fashion police!

Crooked schools of thought are mad at me; it's like at the Five Points MARTA station in Atlanta...they see the train of thought go by; I told ya...some are mad at me because I'm not a fashionista; please! 

Possessing crooked tools like a Sandinista? coming through in the tricked out Honda Civic..listening to R Kelly's Fiesta Fiesta at the Plaza Fiesta on Buford Highway in Atlanta; but I wasn't at ease! 

Meanwhile hook lines and his own beats is what O-Dizzle holds..check the Street Funk...will he get down? please..

Looked both ways before I crossed the street..please!! its like the Republican Primary..some aren't on the same page; whats the symptoms?

I'm down here in Atlanta; but not on the same page...I didn't keep it pimping!

Knocked down but I got up limping; just got off the injured reserve list! 

Now like Peyton Manning I'm looking for a new I float down the stream of consciousness....I rocked the sound and the good word; but out of sync...soon swerving when I get the gist of it!

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