Friday, March 2, 2012

We Already Knew

Whats the deal? we can see how its going's like the New Orleans Saints putting bounties on opposing players.. ..we already knew! 

Whats the deal? I'm down here in Atlanta with these true players...for real; but some will need to cash reality checks so they can buy a clue! 

What it do? acting like I knew..I came through listening to an old DJ Clue the Professional mix tape! 

What it do? confessionals were held at the catholic church; maybe Rush Limbaugh needs to go...whatcha know? some are bearing witness as the system tries to close loopholes; especially after we've being paying dues!! that's how it goes; these jokers still show hate! 

We weren't in the debate..not worried about Super Tuesday..were just putting it down..we kept it moving! 

Moving targets are hard to hit; act like you knew me!! check the sound....O-Dizzle kept grooving! 

No confusing orders are taken like the soldiers confused about Quran burning....unbought and unbossed...O-Zone kept proving to the masses that he was dedicated to the truth! 

In this danger zone haters played him the other way; accused him of being arrogant and aloof!

In this danger zone some joker said I was a spammer...a spam bot..I had to laugh at that!!

A bruh is not a stranger at going for's no joke....O-Dizzle is a Teddy Riley type O-Zone has the math for that!! 

Plus I knew where the path was at or is...the Dodge Ram will get in the way..but I dipped around it...

We already knew..heard what was said...but we didn't roger them..check how funky the sound will get...


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