Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Transition PT.8 (Spring Equinox Edition)

Once again it's on!!  on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday?   your dude is still in transition...

Still trying to get over the hump, even though it's not the Humpday Extravaganza!!  facing bad breaks, obstacles and setbacks like trying to climb a hill in the Olds Cutlass Supreme that  had  a slipping transmission..

Damn!  with this breakbeat scientific transmission?  I tell you the madness  doesn't stop!! the attack continues!! at least I'm warning you unlike Trump not letting Rex Tillerson know he was fired..

It don't stop! while in transition teams will get upset like March Madness and the NCAA tournament!! who can work with it? so what's the deal? shots went in as the shot clock expired!!

Chilling out / senior citizen style / retired with the persona of an old school mack!! was in transition,  rolling  in the old school Toyota Camry like immigrants in Chamblee / Doraville and Clarkston Georgia but I still rock...

We're in transition as seasons / reasons change from Pisces to Aries season!! plus we have the Spring Equinox!! 

Dealing with these Pharisees and their treason!  they reminded me Robert Mueller vs  the Trump administration!! meanwhile I stay in transition like a fast break dunker! ..old school Doctors Of Dunk from Louisville? 

....Led by Darrell Griffith, Dr. Dunkenstein!! in transition but check the styles similar to the X-Files peeping game like Agent Mulder! like Holyfield the real deal..

Real with it!! Dr. Funkenstein like Parliament and George Clinton, rolling, in Transition but it gets hectic!! like Cambridge Analytica  data mining Facebook  you'll get disrespected..

Real with it? Sean Hannity tries to start it  concerning Hillary Clinton with Sean McCabe! who's Honest like Abe? some say it depends on how hectic it'll get..

Losing..Winning?. understand me, while in transition it's part of the equation;  per this occasion? we're bringing Messages In The Music, who will figure the cipher out?

Losing...Winning? some feel the frustration!! no honors.now like Chuck Connors the Rifleman they're ready to pull the rifle out..

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