Monday, March 26, 2018

The Transition PT, 10 (The Concept Finale)

Out There!!! scattered thoughts are collected, taking chances!!  we're in transition,  so let the healing process begin..

Recognize The Pattern, God is in control!! divine intervention like Loyola Chicago? you know we're gonna win!! 

Out There, in transition rolling in the mothership, we took a spin out by Mars, Saturn and Pluto; whatcha know? we're intergalactic!! who calculates the carbon copy?

Out There, in transition on a fast break like the Villanova Wildcats!!  it might be hard to stop me..

Where did you spot me? rolling, but the game was over for some;  I wasn't like Kentucky Wildcat fans roaming through Lenox Mall down here in Atlanta wondering what happened..

In Transition;  rolling, but the game was over for some threatened by Stormy Daniels types or Robert Mueller types asking what happened!! ..

In Transition!!  Let The Healing Process Begin!! out there in the storm some are stranded!! Agent Mulder from the X-Files investigates!! it's been rough lately...

In Transition!! per Music Monday?  Let The Healing Process Begin, knowing it's gonna be rough.!! ...but we've got Diplomatic Immunity, knowing where the escape route will be..

This is the concept finale but the conflict is not final!! as long as there's chaos and confusion in this world we'll stay in transition..

Per Music Monday?  we're weaponizing vinyl, cassettes, MP3's and other sonic sources!! the sound we're using as we proceed and continue on this mission...

Surprising some now like Rose Royce they'll abandon a brotha like love didn't live here anymore..

Surprising some when I rose my voice and turned the music up!! like ESPN  I let my people know the score...

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