Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Transition PT. 9 (Throwback Thursday)

We're in Transition, it's a new season per the Spring Equinox!!   but I peeped into the past per this Throwback Thursday..

Taking it back to the future, acting brand new with ya? knocked out like Joe Biden per Donald Trump, hard and fast? some cats are thirsty!!

Who'll work with me per the Losing / Winning?  Momma said knock you out per LL Cool J after I pulled the knife out of my back mentioned by the O'Jay's!! now in Transition, ready to make a New Beginning / A New tomorrow..

Who'll work with me per the Losing / Winning? in Transition!!  per this Throwback Thursday? I'm listening to The Jacksons with Michael;  Maybe Tomorrow..

Who'll work with me? dealing with the joy, plus the pain and sorrow!!  some arguments are hollow like Trump vs Robert Mueller saying the truth will prevail..he won't face charges...

Per Throwback Thursday? it reminded of the joint I heard on KISS 104 in Atlanta;  Time Will Reveal by the Debarges..

Pedal to the floor down in the hooptie, rolling down  I-20 here in Atlanta, still in Transition, somebody will feel me..

Per this new season, this is the start of something new, a New Beginning;  I feel free..

Somebody might feel me on this one!! but like the heavy snow in the Northeast storms blow through our lives in different categories...

Bad hands?  who will deal one? Gamblers Out For A Fast Buck, but I could see they were corrupt!! per Cambridge Analytica  / Facebook new technology developed!! now I'll tell these stories...

Scoping out different territories while in Transition;  digital mapping? digital crate digging is the response!! no applause heard,  no clapping..

Sliding through the portal, the conduit; blowing up the spot with the Sonic Assault not blowing up Austin Texas like Mark Anthony Conditt but we are back with it!!  In Transition on a Throwback Thursday but it's a New Beginning..

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