Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Transition PT.7 (We're Focused Man!!)

I'm in transition, I'm focused man!! I switched my thoughts from the widely scattered...

How were we living? it's rough out here!! Sonic Assaults are unleashed after we were bruised and battered!!

I'm focused man!! what really mattered? I started  writing this on a new sheet of loose leaf;  switched them over to the HP Keyboard!!  now we're transmitting live from this remote outpost!! we keep coming..

Alt-Shift-Delete was the matrix architects  belief!! but O-Dog hits up Roland and Yamaha keyboards, he keeps drumming...

The streets are calling,  drama keeps coming, it didn't stop!! .it's going down!!  Robert Mueller said it's manipulated by types like  Javanka..

The streets are calling but a brotha keeps chilling, I'm in transition!! per the outback chronicles? I was on a porch built on my remote outpost, quiet is kept!! my mind travels,  with visions of Wakanda..

Didn't try to out brag or out boast anyone like Trump in Pennsylvania supporting Rick Saccone!! I'm not trying to start with ya!!  authorities are trying to find out who's part of the Russian election meddling conspiracy? please!! once again it's on I'm back in the game!! I it kept moving, I left my carbon footprints everywhere..

Still in Transition, on a mission!! trying to see who's really down for the cause!! some will play you the other way like you just got here..

Still in Transition, even on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday;  Out There, even though we were left out of there like the Louisville Cardinals not in the NCAA Tournament!! we're on the front lines!! in championship bouts / rumbles in the jungle..

Still in Transition!!  it's time to get down / play!! I heard the announcer say let's get ready to rumble!!

Still in Transition!! some were trying to clown!!  I heard a hater say lets get ready stumble!! told to prepare yourself for the worst failure ever..

Switched my thoughts from the widely scattered, .now selected at Random!!  I'm focused man!! I had to tell a hater whatever!!!

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