Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Transition PT. 6 (Throwback Thursday Edition)

We're in transition!! fast breaking like Showtime, per old school LA Lakers!! we're Roy Ayers Mystic Voyages takers on pilgrimages,  back to sacred grounds.

How were we living? check the Throwback Thursday type of business!! soon hitting you up with the by-product,  check my conduct per his good word and the sacred sounds.

How were we living? hungry and thirsty like the rest of my constituents in these backwoods / ATL suburbs!! inspiration found in familiar surroundings and with familiar people.

Out here in these backwoods broadcasting from a remote outpost battling familiar spirits like the GB Vihara and other Buddhist Temples does!! I'm on the Eastside trying to bounce / pimp through this!! I see it's all game!! similar to these Trump vs Stormy Daniels plots and schemes I see through.

In transition, back in these hoods doing what I do;  per Throwback Thursday? I heard nobody can be you but you,  that's word from Steve Arrington.

In transition!!  others were going to and fro in these ATL rush hours in pursuit of stacking goods!! was it due to the greed?   Love? War?  per Three Days Grace nothings fair in either one of them.

The system will track goods and services, while your out here trying to swerve with this!!  they'll front on them and those!!  who? my fellow tribe members.

Caught up in the machine?  the apparatus folds / mutilates and dismembers.

O-Zone? I'm in transition to the spot with other positive vibe senders!! meanwhile O-Dizzle is launching sonic assaults rolling up with a small army.

What it do?  like Robert Mueller we're peeping game; who's part of the conspiracy?

Acting like we knew bro? we keep moving at a High Velocity with the speed you need!! the style is universal / intergalactic.

We're in transition from the Midwest / Louisville to the ATL; from Pluto to Mars; the funk? were coming back with it.

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