Thursday, May 9, 2019

Ignoring The Turbulence PT. 6

It's going down on this Throwback Thursday, so who'll work with me? how will we work this?

We're throwing down!! we'll go back to the future of course, in the process we're ignoring the turbulence.

You heard this!! but is it like  guns blasting  in schools in Colorado to missiles / bombs exploding in North Korea?  damn! who planned this?

No peace everlasting?  Peace In The Middle East? please!! check out the tension with Iran;  we'll have to pray like a mantis!!

No peace everlasting!! who's waiting in the dark? so what's up man?  please!! over in Decatur Georgia  the only light seen was from the tip of the Black and Mild's or Salem's in the green pack!

So what's up man? we're ignoring the turbulence,  insight is dropped for those waiting for answers!!  per this Throwback Thursday moment? back in the day?  over in Somali pirates were smoking khat!

So what's up man?  we checked  out what the style  will be /  how  jokers work this!! they're  all up in the spot after capers were pulled chilling like Trump after supposedly losing a billion;  they're laying in the cut counting the real proceeds.

So what's up man? we're ignoring the turbulence  while we're all up in the spot!!  even though sometimes, it gets hot  The Brotha O-Dizzle chills down here in the ATL aka the  A-Town; putting it down!! as he continues and proceeds!

So what's up man? we're ignoring the turbulence, we already knew!! we realized that the reign started with a drizzle!! the Brotha O-Zone reads the signs.

So what's up man? we're ignoring the turbulence but we see how these jokers will work this!!  rolling like Jim Jordan and Doug Collins in the House; who's part of it? what? the conspiracy!!   a brotha was able to read these minds!

So what's up man? we're trying to swerve with this breakbeat science but we'll stay in our lanes; not rolling like Maximum Security in the Kentucky Derby..

Swerving like a drunk driver out here on I-20 in Atlanta? naw, just got back from Pluto and Mars but the mothership will not land like that for a brotha!! that's not how the work will be..

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