Friday, May 24, 2019

Ignoring The Turbulence PT. 10

Per this Flashback Friday? I borrowed a catch phrase from my uncle, telling my constituents it's rough out here!! nevertheless, your dude keeps it moving!! I'm ignoring the turbulence..

Per this Flashback Friday? these Gemini sun rays beaming down remind me it's two sides to the game; my mistake, there's actually three with the truth being in the middle; excuse me but unlike Trump I'm not a stable genius..

But Nancy Pelosi  reminded him of his capabilities meanwhile I flex my abilities, broadcasting live from out here in the corrupt state of Georgia!! baton passed to Brian Kemp from  Nathan Deal and from Sonny Perdue.

Watch yourself when your around those type of shady dealers!! per Georgia stolen elections the fix is in!   O-Dizzle had a mix called you'll get played!! but we still come up,  like Isleys we've got work to do!

Whats the deal  /  what's the dizzle?  I mentioned earlier that the reign began with a drizzle now the rise of Trump / Steve Bannon  like conservatism  is worldwide;  some act brand new in the village / extra special / extra spicy!

What's the deal?  we're ignoring the turbulence / ignoring village idiots acting like they knew!! we're exercising diplomatic immunity when things get nasty!

What's the deal?  we're ignoring the turbulence, dipping back to the village / community; spot me in Atlanta rolling down I-20 on to the next..

It's the runway / gateway to the universe as we blast off like Space X satellites dealing  with the curse;  excuse us if we pray one moment and curse the next!! 

Running Away by Roy Ayers will play in the background per this Flashback Friday!!  blasted on our satellite stations,  check the transmission!! 

Back in the day? down with the Ohio Players when I was chilling  up in Cincinnati running from the devil who was catching up because the Oldsmobile Delta 88 had a slipping transmission..

Back in the way like John Bolton with Venezuela? slick like Michael Avenatti? naw, bruh!! that's not how we'll work this!!

As long as we're on this earth we'll keep it moving; one way to do that is to ignore the turbulence..

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