Thursday, May 30, 2019

Just Chilling For A Minute PT.3

It's going down on this Throwback  Thursday / Thankful Thursday; we're blessed, but unworthy...

Like Trump feels about John McCain?  didn't want to see ships with his name?  unworthy?

Beats will bump and this good word is dropped, but who'll work with me? I'm putting it down while others were hesitant like Nancy Pelosi concerning a Trump impeachment...

....even though Robert Mueller wrote the map, per Throwback Thursday?  O-Zone wrote a rap or two based on what the street did..

Oh yes!! based on the word on the curb!! some people were pushed close to the edges!! per Throwback Thursday Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five with Melle Mel  used the Message  to tell you what it do!

So what's the deal?  per Throwback Thursday O-Zone had to curb the Oldsmobile Delta 88 because it didn't act right plus he curbed his appetite!!  but your homie is rough around the edges, based on what I've been through.

So what's the deal? your homie is just chilling for a minute;  messages?  your homie sends you through the songs!  per Throwback Thursday the work will be like Kool and The Gang!   it's  the rebuttal to the propaganda!

Just chilling for a minute but I heard the messages;  what's up with that and this? it's based on gossip, lies, slander, and innuendo!

Whatcha been through?  some are stranded or succumb to Capricorn mountain climbing per Mt Everest; it got the best of them!!  but everybody has something they have to deal with!

Whatcha into? they ask me, told them I'm in the lab just chilling for a minute; the good word and brand new funk is what I chill with!

Oh yes!! just chilling for a minute, life is hectic!! plus during the ongoing toil and strife we're disrespected!

Oh yes!! just chilling for a minute, life is hectic but we're ignoring the turbulence; in Babylon? it's expected..

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