Saturday, May 18, 2019

Mike Dunn Feat MD X-Spress – ‘DJ Beat That Shhh'

Digital Crate Digging Continues per that Saturday Night Fever vibe; can you dig it?

The saga / struggle continues, holla at me if you believe it / receive it, no need to ask can you dig it!!

Another will try to rig it up like they're trying to topple the Venezuela government; the drama? they're loving it...

They're out there, affected by this Full Moon in Scorpio shining through my window? trying to light it up like a Times Square billboard on fire: we're not playing around trying to hit shots like Kawhi Leonard before the shot clock expires; we're trying to "rise above it"

The lies? some people love them / it like the GOP clinging to power even though Trump is hanging himself with the loose rope..

The prize/? we're dropping this sound from Mike Dunn Feat MD X-Spress called  ‘DJ Beat That Shhh' ; something to get the people moving on this Saturday night!! bringing joy so they won't lose hope!!

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