Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Ignoring The Turbulence PT.8

The atmosphere has shifted as we go into Gemini season, plus it's a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way;  a lot of changes have been made but we're ignoring the turbulence..

Priorities shift during the paradigm shift; the smoke hasn't cleared, so  change or be changed was the catch phrase!!  like Trump Tariffs don't let them catch you in a charade, you should know how they work this!! 

Ignoring the turbulence, a joker even  mentioned catching up on their pimping!!  play or be played on was the advice.

Ignoring the turbulence?  a joker paid attention even though funds were low,  others were sucker slow; "it ain't nothing nice"

Ignoring the turbulence!! it takes a village to raise these children,   plus Richie Havens said teach them well!  

Idiots in the village played me like Howlin Wolf; they  brought me gasoline instead of water!!  plus they wear those kind of suits in hell!!

Village clowns and court jesters were heard howling like a wolf after they  get played!!  others get betrayed like  Magic Johnson mentioning how  matters were with the Lakers...

Who's real with it? some cashed out, they  get  off the grid  but tracked by GPS!! entities still hate/ we're still stressed by these fakers!!

What's the deal with it? like I said,  the apparatus had us stressed but we use the Dr Phil strategy!

We get over it!!  ignoring the turbulence / trying to get over with it  like Superfly per Curtis Mayfield; that's the deally!

I mean, really!! you feel me? you heard this? on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday we'll accent the terrific!! we're  blessed in the city and the field!! that's how it works!!

Ignoring the turbulence is how we plan to work this, as we continue to move forward not backwards!!

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