Sunday, May 19, 2019

Titeknots - Hummingbirds

Sunday Jazz Continues!! it's going down!! we're off to a late start but we're all up in the house!!

The saga / struggle continues as we fight these battles using  different musical elements such as hip hop, funk,  jazz  and even house..

Trying to arouse the masses with these sonic assaults rebuking the devil in the details like all these different states with their abortion laws.

Conducting these classes and seminars, lessons taught blessings caught, even though we're all up in the sport with a bunch of flaws..

Corrupting the masses with a lot of lawless representatives? oh yes!! victims and by-products we're out here on Highway 85 in Riverdale Georgia humming and bumming...

Instead of getting something to eat with the proceeds spotted smoking a Black and Mild; meanwhile this black man will go wild, he's got the funky drummer drumming!!

Listening to some house music / jazz -lounge music from Titeknots with a track called  Hummingbirds..

Jazz tested, purist might not bless it!! they're down with the thought and fashion police!! please!! we hit them up with the sound and these good words!!

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