Monday, May 13, 2019

Ignoring The Turbulence PT.7

Damn!! here we go again,  bear witness!! like China vs the Trump Tariffs this is another one.

Damn here we go again!!  bearing witness to the madness!! you'll find a dude dropping beats that bump plus sharing this good word, you heard? rebuking  jokers that want to see us come undone.

It's on once again!! we know what the deal is, they want us to succumb to the paranoia

Ignoring the turbulence, this is how we work this!! this iPhone wanted me to type unglued,  like society wanted to see me!!  subdued in the midst of the drama?

We see how they work this!! like iPhone users suing Apple for monopolizing the APP Store; but like Kawhi Leonard we'll settle the score; it's on once again,  as we process it with a different vision minus the paranoia. We see how they'll  work this,  able to see behind the blinds;  haters were racketeering and price gouging!! they're spotted waiting in the dark!

...said it was time to blackout!! going off in a zone, like underpaid Lyft and Uber drivers vehicles are rolling out!! it's rough out here, they're  not waiting in neutral or park!

We're ignoring the turbulence, this is history in the making / we're making a mark!! we didn't back out of the deal like Trump and the Iran Nuclear Deal your dude is still keeping it real / sticking to the original plan!

We're ignoring the turbulence / making a mark like old dude up in Louisville at the Kentucky Derby drinking the Makers Mark!!  please!! some didn't know they were dealing with the original man!

C'mon man!!  like Chris Berman, Chris Carter and them!!  those waiting in the dark like the thief aka the devil we're  ready to kill, steal and destroy!!  soon we'll see the light shine on them. it's by security as we exercise diplomatic immunity;  dropping breakbeat science is our top priority, we put it on them!

Dipped back to the community, broadcasting live from a remote outpost out off  of I-20 in Atlanta; out here ignoring the turbulence..

It's rough out here, the turbulence is  like we're on a Boeing 737 Max 8 jet; we kept it moving even though haters wanted or to quit or forfeit;  we'll keep on working this!!

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