Monday, April 8, 2019

How Were They Trying To Play? PT.6

How were we trying to play on this Monday Morning? we're back on the set again after a brief hiatus;  breakbeat scientific matters?  we're begetting.

How were they trying to play? per Psalms 2 they're plotting and scheming!! like the shakeup at Homeland Security with Kirstjen Nielson  they're back at it once again! oh yes!! we see how they're playing we weren't forgetting. 

O-Zone? he's dropping this insight showing you how he's feeling; not stopping / quitting /  forfeiting the game!!  might as well say we're all in. 

O-Dog aka O-Dizzle? he's hip hopping /  jazzing and housing per this Music Monday!!  check out the sound as boundaries are falling. 

That's the digital crate digging part of this breakbeat scientific business as beats will bump, but O-Zone has that borderline belligerence. 

Those that hate aren't digging it!!  thoughts of closing the border like Trump cross the minds of the thought and fashion police. 

How were they trying to play?  this is no Game Of Thrones, we couldn't be at ease!!  tried to get peace to be still but it was elusive.

How were we trying to play? O-Zone / O-Dog continue to ease on down the road!!  we keep it moving doing what's conducive.

How were we trying to play? we hit up other zones, we mentioned that in I-75 / I-65 Chronicles, the response to these and those...

How were they trying to play? clones and drones will try to confront these modern day Book of Chronicles; the devil and his advocates will oppose..

How were they trying to play? per John 10:10 the devil / thief comes to steal, kill and destroy but with the beat and prose we'll confront that lie..

How were we trying to play? once again it's on!! per Monday Motivation per this  Music Monday or any day we'll play this like Earth Wind and Fire; we'll keep our heads to the sky!!

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