Friday, April 26, 2019

Ignoring The Turbulence PT.3

Its going down!! but like I mentioned before it's like a Baltimore Rough Ride as we deal with the turbulence!! damn!!  we're just out here trying to be productive!! 

It's going down!! it's like trying to rush through the Baltimore Ravens front line as we deal with the turbulence;  it's rough out here,  as I keep telling you!! plus like the Trump Administration trying to ignore Congressional subpoenas the database is even corrupted.

What's the deal? we're ignoring the turbulence, beats will bump plus this good word is dropped;  I told my constituents we're on a come up!!  some of them said they were too! 

 What's the deal? we're ignoring the turbulence but some say it is what it is; others said they're going to Let It Be like the Beatles based on what the street does!!  they said they'll just see what it do! 

 What's the deal? we're ignoring the turbulence, we had to act like we knew!! now check out  the on the job training! 

This is word from the Institute of Breakbeat Scientific Studies!!  everyday?  we're learning something new,  maintaining

Maintaining composure due to the exposure;  Flashback Friday type of business? before my iPhone  I used the blue ink  and the legal pad when I wrote this good word; due to technology? like fast food restaurant specials, it was for a limited time only!

Ignoring the turbulence even though we had blues like Albert King, might even play them for you!!  but O-Zone is  a black man that thinks; I'm realizing it's on me!

Ignoring the turbulence even though we had blues like BB King!! this  automatic gunfire will run the doldrums away!! the weaponry? this good word and the sound!!

Ignoring the turbulence and it's change agents; drama kings and queens are ignored!! O-Zone?  I'm acting like TSA agents out here at Hartsfield Jackson Airport in Atlanta screening airline passengers; how are they trying to act /  get down? 

Ignoring the turbulence but flagrant agents get on my nerves with this!! what? planes going to and fro Hartsfield Jackson Airport in Atlanta fly over my airspace leaving chemtrails!! "can't truss it like Public Enemy mentioned, we're on the brink of this thing!! disaster is waiting on the sidelines.

Ignoring the turbulence, we're out here trying to work with this; that Friday Feeling /  Friday motivation or good for any day? reminded that we're blessed in the city and the field per Deuteronomy 28:3!!  .freedom  arbitrary? please!! in Babylon we couldn't be at total ease! this is like the I-20 Chronicles, I continue to ride for mines!

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