Monday, April 22, 2019

Ignoring The Turbulence PT.1

On this Monday morning, or any time frame? check out how we work this, we're rolling!!  but we know grooves will get disturbed even though that joint by The System  told these jokers not to!

Now moves are observed by the system and those anointed aka the thought and fashion police; who's disappointed? check out the turbulence! damn!! these  low tech criminals didn't know GPS and security cameras will spot you!

On the witness stand you say it's not you!! might even say no collusion like Trump!!  claiming pictures were photo shopped with Adobe!!

Bearing witness man!! coping strategies will fail us, what can others tell us? I'm ignoring the turbulence, dropping this good word and beats that bump!!  I told them to act like they know me!

Check out how we work this!! we kept it moving,  even though  jokers were deceptive like William Barr trying to raise the bar!! we're showing persistence man!! sometimes I wonder if its worth it!

Ignoring the turbulence, like it was a Baltimore police "rough ride";  we kept it moving!! per Music Monday  thinking of a master plan like Eric B and Rakim  and them!! but how will I work this?

Ignoring the turbulence, we'll settle the score; for freedom we continue to ride!! executing a master plan based on the Master's Plan? not undecided like Democrats per a  Trump impeachment; victimized by what the plot / scheme will do? 

Check out how we work this!!  we'll settle the score; for freedom we continue to ride!! bumping heads with fanatics reaching you with this good word and sound!! showing you what being breakbeat scientific will do!!

We ignored the turbulence like we were on a flight to Oakland per our West Coasting; bearing witness man!! but knowing  coping strategies will fail us..what can others tell us? I told them to act like they know me!

We ignored the turbulence,  even though I'm rolling  / coasting down these Atlanta streets aka the obstacle course due to these potholes!! lights blinked on the instrument panel, now I'm stranded on earth bearing witness to what these earthlings show me..

We kept it moving though, showing persistence man!! meeting resistance, even used as an instrument;  like I mentioned earlier sometimes I wonder if its worth it!

But we'll continue work this, ignoring the turbulence setbacks / obstacles!! dealing with the episodes brought by these and those!! this good word is dropped along with funky instrumentals!! we continue to get breakbeat scientific!!

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