Thursday, April 18, 2019

How Were They Trying To Play? PT. 10

How were they trying to play? we'll keep asking that question even though this is the concept finale..

How were we trying to play? we're basking in these last hours of the Aries sun rays, as this season comes to a close; the Full Moon in Libra part of the finale?'ll also be a Good Friday, but back to today which is a Throwback Thursday; check how the style will be!! you know we'll get things done!!

How were some trying to play? per Throwback Thursday who's bad like Michael Jackson? all up in the action!!  meanwhile I'm showing you what the blues have done!

How were we trying to play? per Throwback Thursday check out the BB King or Ben E King style!! a star in the ghetto? I'm  joining others whose morale is low!!  it's based on what bad news has done!

Once kings and queens before the middle passages!!  these days? some jokers need to let it go!! what territories do brothas and the sisters run?

Brand new drama kings and queens!! doing another's bidding per their corporate sponsorship!!  wannabe presidential candidates soon anointed by the apparatus? 

Diplomatic immunity  exercised?  oh yes!!  sounding like Ray Lewis  per no weapons formed against us would work!! even though I noticed that my timing was off,  not in sync with this world!! check the status!

Dipped back to the community, spotted on the east side of Atlanta, west side of Charlotte or all over the Louisville area...

....or out in Oakland,  West Coasting / West Siding; that's how we're trying to play; still freedom riding!! all up in the hooptie, avoiding the mass hysteria..

Getting open!! we already know how these jokers are going to play!! no help expected from a Mueller Report..

Obstruction from Trump and Barr collaborations? peeped game per intuition / indications; per Throwback Thursday? nothing new under the sun, but some jokers act brand new in this sport...

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