Monday, April 29, 2019

Ignoring The Turbulence PT.4

Another Monday morning has pulled up on us; damn!! it's like the House Oversight Committees vs Trump; how will we work this?

Sunday morning? rattling tambourines, hymns were raised per the call and response plus the Lord was praised; now check the response as we ignore the world's  turbulence

Rebuking / scorning? battling  like The Chronicles of Riddick;  the DJ O-Dog could fix it, the  funk will stink!! revealed in The Gangsta Chronicles as we use the funk as a vehicle to climb out of the abyss.

Ignoring the turbulence, we saw what it do / how these jokers will work this!! one step forward two steps back though, so whatcha know??  per this Music Monday? it's even back and forth like Cameo!! that's what the deal is!

Ignoring the turbulence! per Music Monday? admitting we were searching like Roy Ayers, trying to find out what the real is!! thought and fashion police were busy!! we saw that techniques get sweated!

Eric B and Rakim told them not to do it!! spotted how they were working it, I guess some will forget it.

History repeated itself!! the system was rocking us! our hustles? they're knocking cuz!!  were we headed for defeat like this was the Avengers: End Game? please, O-Zone will rock on in these so called Game of Thrones; like Pops always said? haters were told to watch their mouths and watch their tones when they mentioned  rights and privileges would be forfeited.

Ignoring the turbulence as some purposes were defeated;  this veteran now coaching knows how the sport will get!

Ignoring the turbulence, focused on what's important!!  who's encroaching? the arch nemesis on the premises with those weapons of mass distraction is ignored.

Bogus merchandise is returned to the service desk!! no rewards were given or points scored.

Ignoring the turbulence, so who will work with this? rewards were offered by crime stoppers they said the the devil was in the details.

Ignoring the turbulence, O-Zone? he exposed the fine print in the contract;  it was a set up!!! they were hoping that a brotha fails!

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