Friday, April 12, 2019

How Were They Trying To Play? PT.8

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Flashback Friday!! we've got that Friday Feeling  plus we'll also set the O-Dog Day Party off..

The saga / struggle continues as we flash back and forth to the future!! this is how we're trying to play!! per Flashback Friday?  our love goes Back and Forth like Cameo!!  check out how we're dealing, we're going off!!

We're making cameo appearances, all up in the spot!! but damn!! how were these jokers trying to play? check out the latest scheme / plot!!   the smoke and fog is enhanced with mirrors manipulated by them and those!! that's how they do business.

Some are faking with the interference / obstruction like William Barr;  it's no joke!! how were these jokers trying to play?   I know how it is on earth, I checked the  ecological ignorance.

Some are faking with the belligerence, like Stephen Miller and Trump vs sanctuary cities so what's up son? what it do? what's the deal with this / these? big homie said the outcome would be awesome!

Some called themselves  making a difference but were then told to leave the premises like Michael Avenatti !! soon  warrants and indictments were issued,  we were dealing with a lawless one!

Meanwhile per Flashback Friday we went on with our bad selves!! back in the day you might have spotted  me in Louisville, Nap Town, Detroit, Cleveland or Cincinnati in the deuce and a quarter!!   I saw some acting like the world was theirs,  they were out of order!! masters of the universe?

The saga / struggle continues as we flash back and forth to the future!! needing to call some of then out like Mitch McConnell, as we deal with the ongoing curse? 

How were they trying to play? Herman Cain might feel the pain but check the role reversal,  as I refuse to go along with the program.

How were we trying to play? O-Dog hooked up the brand new funk..he refused to play a slow jam!

Whatcha know man? O-Zone is asking how were they trying to play? please!! were still out here in the midst of  where hustles will get knocked...

Whatcha know man? zones will get penetrated for the last time as processions / motorcades rode through South Central LA!! Nipsey Hussle rocked!! 

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