Tuesday, April 16, 2019

How Were They Trying To Play? PT.9

It's going down on what I call a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday because things can play out either way.

It's going down! so what it do? I'm claiming the terrific part, telling a hater not to start!!  so how were they trying to play? 

Regular scheduled programming is interrupted, like William Barr redactions on the Mueller Report databases were corrupted; damn!!  where's the Geek Squad?

 Irregular /  ineligible players jamming frequencies when we freak these?  rather unique like AZ?   not crooked Mitch McConnell types making deals with Russians for aluminum plants in Kentucky throw stones though they like in glass house; as we put it down those naysayers think it's odd.

How were they trying to play? back in the day up in Louisville Kentucky authorities would sweat  players!! the  Linc Hayes on Mod Squad types rocking a thick Afro!! I had one back in the day,  now rocking the baldy.

Republicans with Abraham Lincoln ways?  not these days, rolling like Jefferson Davis as they misbehave with this!!  they loot and pillage the village not a good deal like Aldis.

How were they trying to play? check the disrespect for Rep. Ilhan Omar!! I told you they'll misbehave with that and this with support from the fashion and thought police; they'll  proceed and continue with their ill actions.

How were we trying to play? trying to roll like Tiger Woods playing the course below par but admitting, I'm not in an orderly fashion!! so I'm Clashing with Titans..fighting back with the Sonic Assault in these interactions.

How were they trying to play? admitting that it's tight in these hoods but we'll fight back!! factions get hit up in their bunkers!! we drop funk on them!! we were stashing sonic weapons like some do nuclear ones!

...operating like North Korea and Iran;  problem children? they're acting like brand new ones!

How were they trying to play? who's hating? economists were debating whether the Obama claimed by Trump economy is jacked up!! check the scenario, man!! we're trying to proceed and continue but backed up!! you'll get played!! these haters wouldn't hand you the ones!!

How were they trying to play? once again it's on!! still out here on I-20 in Atlanta ignoring the drama!! still getting breakbeat scientific until our days are done!! 

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