Tuesday, May 1, 2012

All Up In The Spot / Caught Up In It

All up in the spot....caught in a moment of time; so called players were slipping...now the shot clock expired! 

Some couldn't get their shot off; these haters were going off; they conspired! 

This is a critical stage of development; those sleepy or tired were seen waiting in the dark! 

As we get with ya!! ready to ride for freedom.....vehicles were waiting in park! 

Now were rolling out like Nascar  / Daytona 500! 

Running things like Nasser was in Egypt...or running the PLO like  Yasser Arafat; how were we playing it? we're keeping it 100! 

All up in the spot...some kept creeping up on worthless things; but I'm done with it...chilling...listening to ELO...or the Electric Light Orchestra..on the Last Train To London...whose for or against ya? how were we responding?  time is no longer wasted! 

Told ya....others were out of it like Amare Stoudemire...they kept sleeping in the game; whatcha know? now taking HGH like Roger Clemens said he didn't? not a good way to work this!! things will change... gatekeepers of the matrix cut and pasted!

All up in the spot..peeping game; so called powers that be were worked things just  like Rupert Murdoch; now they have these earthlings strung out..they were caught up in the system / matrix; but actually just a small part of the universal scheme of things!

Intergalactic journeys out beyond Pluto or Mars plus Venus enabled me to see some things!

 Mathematics are now dropped; as we get scientific like Large Hadron Colliders! 

Fanatics get dropped due to the Sonic Assault; they were hating on these freedom riders!

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