Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rolling Through...At A High Velocity..But With The Speed You Need

Dipping through the universe swiftly....at a high velocity;  but I had the speed you need! 

Slipping and sliding through the portal; knew how the sport would go...intergalactic like the light from the super earth 55 Cancri e ...whats it all worth?  opposition is met like the Swift truck that will be in the way on I-285 in Atlanta; who'll understand a bruh?  true indeed! 

Its Spring time..during this May weather I plant seeds like the CIA planted an informant in Al Qaeda in Yemen.....whats up man? were soon enjoying the harvest! 

But like I mentioned opposition is met; whats up with it?  I keep fighting like Floyd Mayweather Jr; why did they start this? 

Were all up in the heart of this; in the class? the professor said everybody fails! 

Whats the deal? he said its like that..stressing us....we know the devil was in the details! 

During the ongoing class war the system bails out the rich; while the poor still suffer! 

We had to sacrifice; but we kept it moving at a high velocity; but it seems to get rougher and rougher! 

So Ruff So Tuff was the anthem from Roger and Zapp; as they got funky with it!

 Enough is enough is the word from O-Zone while the brotha O-Dizzle gets funky with it!

It got lonely out there....but I kept running with it...that's why I'm rocking the No. 20 Barry Sanders throwback... 

We're rolling through at a high velocity...moving forward...we've come too far to go back...


  Intergalactic High Velocity Mix by omanxl1

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