Sunday, May 20, 2012

They Were Sinking..

They never learned to swim like Sir Nose... now they re sinking!

....Underwater like mortgages ...bear witness to how the sport gets .....word from the Los Angeles Lakers...a brotha did some heavy thinking! 

Bear witness to the epiphanies put on the clearance rack; these random thoughts are real!! this is not lucid dreaming!

Bear witness to authorities with the interference like its Syria;  they looked stupid with their plotting and scheming!

It all falls apart like its caused by earthquakes like in Italy..they were ten steps behind the they're trying to catch up! 

We show jokers we have heart; check this breakbeat science these masterminds batch up!

Coming out fresh with a brand new batch as these breakbeat scientists hatch up a potent product! 

We clash with wannabe titans; they fake it!! but we know about that conduct! 

I know all about the corrupt...from down here in the State of Georgia to Jefferson County Kentucky! 

All the way to Moscow with Vladimir Putin; the truth ? we're not disputing...were dedicated to it;  word to those asking whats up with me! 

Jokers tried to corrupt me...but I saw the ship was sinking like the Titanic! 

Or maybe the Costa Concordia..whats up with ya? it looks like your sinking...jokers were up to no good!! what were they thinking?  now they run around acting frantic! 

The music keeps playing, the beat goes on; plus mathematics are dropped! 

Sinking further into this!! but its a good thing we know its an uphill struggle....we've come too far to turn around; we never quit and we never stopped!

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